See you at the 2020 Fair
July 25 - August 1
8am to 11pm
  • P.O. Box 707, 601 Fairgrounds Road
  • Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050
  • 740-397-0484

Jr Llama & Alpaca

Last Update: 12 June 2017

Senior Fair Board: John Curtis

Junior Fair Board: Clayton Noggle

Arrival Time

Saturday, July 29

Showmanship & Show

Saturday, July 29, 10:00 a.m., Multi-Purpose Building

Release Time – Conclusion of Show

Rules and Regulations

Go To General Junior Fair Information for:

  1. Quality Assurance Rules.
  2. Drug Use Notification Form Guidelines.
  3. Premiums to be paid after the show.

Fitting and Grooming

  1. Fitting chutes will not be permitted inside any building.
  2. See 2016 Season/Ohio Livestock Tampering Rules
  3. See Knox County Fitting and Grooming Regulations.

Llama/Alpaca Showmanship & Show –

Saturday, July 29, 10:00 a.m.

  1. The showmanship contest for all llama and alpaca exhibitors will be held Saturday at 10:00 a.m. May only enter one animal for showmanship.
  2. You may enter up to 2 llamas or 2 alpacas or 1 llama and 1 alpaca.
  3. If the animal(s) are leased, those forms are due at entries in June.
  4. Copies of registration papers and photographs will be required at entries in June.
  5. All llamas and alpacas must be in possession of the exhibitor by May 1 and cared for until release time at the fair.

6.No intact males over the age of 2 may be exhibited.

  1. Class breaks for halter classes will be based on entries in June.
  2. High point performance will be based on showmanship, halter, obstacle and pak class placings. You cannot combine points between animals. In the event of a tie, it will be broke based on the higher showmanship score. If that is a tie, it will go to the higher halter class score.
  3. See General Junior Fair Information.


  1. See General Junior Fair Livestock Information.

Knox County Junior Fair Entry Information


Exhibitor must designate the classes each Llama or Alpaca will be participating in on the entry form using the animal’s ID number or name.

Class Name   Class Description

Halter Conformation Must show in this class to receive A, B, C, grade and premium. Females – under 24 months and over 24 months

Males – under 24 months and all non-breeders

Performance Obstacle


Performance Pak