See you at the 2020 Fair
July 25 - August 1
8am to 11pm
  • P.O. Box 707, 601 Fairgrounds Road
  • Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050
  • 740-397-0484

Girl Scouts

Last Update: 12 June 2017

  1. The Girl Scouts consider participation in the Knox County a privilege and an opportunity to share their accomplishments, interests and ideals. All exhibits and displays must show high quality in effort, originality, neatness and the Girl Scout Program.
  2. Every registered Girl Scout, Girl Scout Troop and Girl Scout Camp (Day, Resident, Troop, or Trip) who resides in Knox County is eligible to enter exhibits.
  3. All exhibits must be made by the exhibitor and must not have been entered for competition in any previous fair. Group projects shall consist of the work of at least two girls in one program level. The exhibit may be one article on which at least two girls have worked on or it may be a minimum of two articles made by girls in troop or camp project. All photos or single picture must be mounted and equipped with hooks or hangers. Any wall hanging project must have a hanger or hook. Unframed materials may be stapled to display panels.   Posters will not be accepted larger than 24 X 28 X 24 inches. No items of danger, feathers of extinct or protected birds will be allowed. You may substitute pictures or drawings of any of these items. Baked goods and candy with recipe attached will be judged at the same time other exhibits are judged. Food products will not be displayed at the fair, but a representation of the project will be displayed. If a school project, all grades and teacher’s comments must be erased.
  4. All exhibits must have a 3 X 5 index card attached with the following information: AGE, PROGRAM LEVEL, TROOP NUMBER, HOW AND WHY MADE (MATERIALS USED)
  5. Girls name and telephone number, and leader’s name and telephone number should be placed on back of first card.
  6. All exhibits can be delivered to 14145 Becky Lane, Mount Vernon, Ohio beginning July 1, 2017. All entries must be delivered by 10 a.m., July 20, 2017. Exhibits will be under the supervision of a competent person and every effort will be made to protect them from injury or loss. However, neither the management of the fair nor the Girl Scouts will be responsible for any loss or injury to exhibits.
  7. Judging will be done before the Fair opens and is based on the knowledge and experience gained by the girl or troop/group as set forth in the Girl Scout program. Originality, creativeness, workmanship, attractive appearance, honesty of material and construction, durability for the designed use are points which will be considered and judge’s decision is final.  
  8. Ribbons will be award to all participants. No premiums are given.
  9. Fair pass arm bands are given to girls who are ages 9 to 17 years of age who have an entry and are not receiving a fair pass from any other Junior Fair organization. No day passes will be substituted. No passes are given to parents or leaders.