See you at the 2020 Fair
July 25 - August 1
8am to 11pm
  • P.O. Box 707, 601 Fairgrounds Road
  • Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050
  • 740-397-0484

FFA Shop & Crop

Last Update: 12 June 2017

Judging Saturday, July 22, 9:00 a.m. FFA Building

Superintendent: Tom Holton

Rules and Regulations General Information

  1. All projects should have the name of the exhibitor and chapter clearly displayed.
  2. All exhibits will be graded A, B or C.
  3. Plaques will be awarded to best of show in the following categories that are sponsored by the Senior Fair Board: Small Woodworking Large Woodworking Small Welding Large Welding Overall Sheet Metal Overall Electrical Corn Wheat Oats Soybeans Hay Miscellaneous  

Best Overall


  1. See General Junior Fair Information

Junior Fair Entry Information

Class Number Class Description

280 Small Woodworking

281 Large Woodworking

282 Small Welding

283 Large Welding

284 Small Electrical

285 Large Electrical

286 Small Sheet Metal

287 Large Sheet Metal

288 Small Concrete

289 Small Plumbing

290 Three Stalks of Corn

291 Quart of Shelled Corn from previous year

292 Quart of Wheat

293 Quart of Oats or 50 Stalks

294 Three Stalks of Soybeans with roots tied

295 Quart of Soybeans from previous year

296 Quart of Other Small Grain

297 Hay

298 Garden

299 Miscellaneous

300 FFA Farm Mechanics Booth Exhibit