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P.O. Box 707, 601 Fairgrounds Road
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050
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Now taking applications for the 2018 Knox County Junior Fair Board

Download the 2018 Knox County Junior Fair Board Application Form


Beef - Todd Carpenter (Chair), Scott Lahmon, Scott Moody, T. Carpenter, Jim Ruhl

Dairy - Curt Bechtel (Chair), Jim Ruhl, Todd Carpenter, T. Carpenter

Dairy Market Feeders - Curt Bechtel (Chair), Jim Ruhl, Todd Carpenter, T. Carpenter

Equine – Lauren Hollis (Chair), Kyle Atherton, Erik Hall

Goats – Joel Jones (Chair), Dave Hurlow, Scott Moody

Llamas/Alpacas - John Curtis

Junior Fair Sales Comm. – Jim Ruhl (Chair), Dustin Beheler, Todd Carpenter

Rabbits/ Poultry - Scott Moody (Chair), Dave Hurlow

Sheep – Kyle Atherton (Chair), Willy Grogg, Brian Durbin

Swine – T. Carpenter (Chair), Dennis Bartley, Bailee Shipley, Scott Lahmon


Samantha Appleman, Junior Fair Coordinator

Andrea Rees, Extension Program Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development

Larry L. Hall, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development

Josh Stimpert, Key Leader



President – Clayton Noggle

Vice - President – Emma Lucas

Secretary – Madeline Elfrink

Treasurer – Shelby Erlandson

Reporter – Renee Kinser

Historian – Kristen Snyder

2017 Junior Fair Board Members:

Neiannah Beckholt, Jarrod Belton, Brayden Burke, Gavin Burke, JT Burke, Kristen Caudill, Natalie Caudill, Hannah Chadwick, Taylor Chattin, Kaylie Crouch, Brooklyn Cunningham, Lauren Davis, Hannah Dilts, Katie Dilts, Lexie Doup, Madeline Elfrink, Shelby Erlandson, Madison Farrell, Ethan Fowler, Brayden Freeman, Hunter Freeman, Rachel Geiger, Emily Hauger, Alexa Jones, Jamee Jordan, Pierce Jordan, Renee Kinser, Alyse Ladig, Addy Lucas, Emma Lucas, Sean Magers, Jacob McCarty, Rebecca McCarty, Laura McDonald, Silas McElhaney, Luke McKee, Alec Moss, Maygan Newcomb, Mayre Newcomb, Clayton Noggle, Dreanna Perry, Cassie Rine, Alexis Smith, Falon Smith, Kristen Snyder, Zechariah Sprayberry, Hannah Stewart, Justin Thomas, Mercedes Wilson



Beef: J. Belton – S, S. Magers – S, L. Doup, A. Jones

Dairy: JT Burke – S, R. Geiger – S, J. Jordan, L. McDonald, A. Smith

Dairy Market Feeders: E. Fowler – S, M. Wilson – S, B. Cunningham, F. Smith

Dog: R. Kinser – S, Z. Sprayberry, S. Erlandson, M. Newcomb, M. Newcomb

JFB Office Superintendents: M. Newcomb, M. Newcomb

Small Animal: S. Erlandson – S, C. Noggle – S, E. Lucas – S, R. McCarty – S, T. Chattin, N. Beckholt, C. Rine, J. McCarty, J. Thomas, A. Lucas

Fundraising/Social: A. Lucas, E. Lucas, K. Caudill

Llamas: C. Noggle – S, R. McCarty, J. McCarty

Showman of Showmen: J. Belton, S. Magers, JT Burke, R. Geiger, E. Fowler, M. Wilson, R. Kinser, E. Hauger, R. McCarty, L. McKee, L. Davis, M. Elfrink, K. Dilts, H. Dilts, C. Noggle, S. McElhaney, H. Stewart, S. Erlandson, B. Burke

Horse: K. Dilts – S, H. Dilts – S, K. Snyder – S

Goats: L. Davis – S, M. Elfrink – S, K. Caudill, M. Farrell, A. Ladig, N. Caudill, M. Farrell, A. Ladig, N. Caudill

Swine: L. Mckee – S, B. Burke – S, B. Freeman, G. Burke, H. Freeman, D. Perry, R. Kinser, H. Chadwick, K. Crouch

Sheep: H. Stewart – S, E. Hauger – S, P. Jordan, Z. Sprayberry, A. Moss, T. Farrell

Sales Committee: S. McElhaney – S, C. Noggle, M. Elfrink


Knox County Junior Fair Board Bylaws

Article I: NAME

SECTION I: The official name of the organization shall be the Knox County Junior Fair Board.


SECTION I: The main purpose of this board is the training and development of young people in the areas of leadership, community organization and county fair operation; to develop an association of youth from the general community that are helping to augment Fair awareness throughout the County



SECTION I: Open to all youth 14 – 19 years of age (and in high school), as of January 1 of the year of application. Each member will serve for a one-year term.

SECTION II: The membership of the committee shall include youth that are eligible to participate in the Knox County Junior Fair:

  1. 4-H Club
  2. FFA Chapter Members
  3. FCCLA Chapter Members
  4. Girl Scouts
  5. Boy Scouts
  6. Junior Grange Members

SECTION III: The term of membership on the Junior Fair Board shall begin January 1 and end on August 31 of each calendar year.

SECTION IV: A member of the Junior Fair Board may serve more than one year by reapplying for an additional year of membership if he/she is accepted by the Membership Selection Committee and if he/she has met the prior year Junior Fair Board obligations in a satisfactory manner.  

  1. Each Junior Fair Board Member must meet the following requirements in order to return to the board:
  2. Each member is required to acquire sixty-five working hours prior to the Knox County Fair.
  3. Knox County Junior Fair Board’s Officers are individually required to acquire seventy-five working hours prior to the Knox County Fair.
  4. Each member is required to acquire at least forty approved working hours during the Knox County Fair.
  5. Each member is required to work at least one livestock show during the Knox County Fair.
  6. Each member is required to work at least two office shifts during the Knox County Fair.
  7. Each member is required to participate in the Knox County Junior Fair Livestock Sale.

SECTION V: If a Junior Fair Board member wishes to serve an additional term, he/she must submit a request by August 31 to the Knox County Junior Fair Coordinator wishing to be in consideration for the following year.

SECTION VI: Attendance at all Junior Fair Board meetings is mandatory. Membership on the Junior Fair Board shall be terminated immediately following the third missed event or meeting without a valid excuse and/or phone call to the fair office. The Junior Fair Coordinator will send a letter to the terminated Junior Board member in a timely manner and will have the letter co-signed by an advisor.

SECTION VII: New members will be notified by mail by January 5, by the Junior Fair Coordinator after they have been confirmed a position on the Junior Fair Board.

SECTION IX: Code of Conduct


  1. No members of the Junior Fair Board shall associate with drugs, alcohol or tobacco of any form while working on Junior Fair Board activities.
  2. Members should conduct themselves with high standards of leadership and responsibility.
  3. Members of the Junior Fair Board shall not use any obscene language while working on any Junior Fair Board activity.
  4. Each member of the Junior Fair Board should conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner in order to set a good example for others.


SECTION I: Applications for Junior Fair Board membership will be accepted on the dates as posted. Interviews will be held in December as determined by the Membership Selection Committee.

SECTION II: The Membership Selection Committee shall be composed of the Junior Fair Coordinator and the Junior Fair Board advisors. The Fair Board of Directors shall be invited to participate as well.  


SECTION I: Voting will follow Robert’s Rules of Order. If there is a dispute over the decision of the chairperson, the matter(s) will be taken to the Junior Fair Board Junior Fair Coordinator.  


SECTION I: President

1) Presides over all meetings of the Junior Fair Board and develops agenda with appropriate consultation with the Junior Fair Coordinator.

2) Represents the Knox County Junior Fair Board in their best ability at ALL times.

3) This person is the first point of contact between the Junior Fair Coordinator/Senior Advisors and the Junior Fair Board.

4) This person will serve as the Knox County Junior Fair Board liaison to the Knox County Senior Fair Board.  

SECTION II : Vice President

1) This person presides over meetings in the absence of the President.

2) Assists the president in maintaining order.

SECTION III: Secretary/Treasurer

1) Keeps minutes and maintains an accurate record of all meetings.

2) Records and distributes all minutes and agendas and keeps a copy of each for the Junior Fair Board’s and Fair Board’s permanent files.

3) Monitors and reports on the Junior Fair Board general account balance at each meeting.

SECTION IV: Historian

  1. Maintains archives of current and past events. Responsible for clipping all newspaper articles and associated materials printed about the fair.
  2. Takes pictures and maintains a scrapbook of all Junior Fair Board activities.
  3. Works with the Reporter to design and construct the Junior Fair Board window during the annual fair.

SECTION V: Reporter

1) Serves as the Junior Fair Board publicity coordinator.

2) Handles all press releases regarding Junior Fair Board activities and meetings.

3) Creates and submits social media posts to Junior Fair Coordinator.


SECTION I: Elections

1) To be held during the March board meeting. 2) All members may run for any office except President or Vice President, which require one year of prior Junior Fair Board officer experience. 3) Officer applications are due March 17. 4) All voting for office will be by closed ballot. 5) Junior Fair Coordinator and senior advisors will count the ballots and advise the Junior Fair Board of election results.  


Awards                                                            Llama

Beef &Market Dairy Steers                                           Poultry

Dairy                                                                           Rabbit

Dairy Market Feeder                                                     Sales Committee

Dog                                                                              Sheep

Fundraising/Social                                                        Showman of Showmen

Goats                                                                           Swine

Horse                                                                           Awards

SECTION IV:   There shall be other committees as deemed necessary.


SECTION I: Amendments will be made by majority vote of the Junior Fair Board.


SECTION I: Criteria

1) There will be a minimum of two senior advisors, at least one of who will be a representative of the Knox County Fair Board of Directors.

2) College students may opt to serve as junior advisors to the Junior Fair Board. The number of junior advisors will not exceed five. Junior Advisors will be selected by the Junior Fair Board Coordinator and will assist the junior fair coordinator and the senior advisors. Junior advisors are not voting members of the Junior Fair Board.

3) Any advisor may be removed at the discretion of the junior fair coordinator and his/her fellow advisors if their conduct is deemed inappropriate.


SECTION I:     The Junior Fair Board will meet monthly. (See calendar for specific dates and times)