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P.O. Box 707, 601 Fairgrounds Road
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050
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The Knox County Agriculture Museum; which began in 1984, is proud to offer a visit back to our country’s agricultural roots. Devoted almost exclusively to farm and home lifestyles of the 1800’s and early 1900’s, the museum houses well over 4,000 items depicting how our ancestors lived. In addition to the Museum building (the expanded structure now provides over 18,000 sq. ft. of display and storage space), the Museum maintains and displays a late 1800’s log house, a one-room school house, a springhouse, a smokehouse, the last building from Hiawatha Park, a metal corn crib, and even an outhouse.

         All Museum buildings will be open and staffed during fair week. The Knox County Agriculture Museum Committee (all volunteers) maintains the museum’s building and holdings, arranges educational displays, and provides interpretation and security during the fair.

         A “Loom Room” features weavers at work throughout the fair, making rugs, which are available for sale to fair visitors. The proceeds help pay for museum expenses.

         The Museum is also open and staffed during other events scheduled at the fairgrounds throughout the year. Group tours for any other dates may also be scheduled; contact coordinator Greg Magers, at 740-398-6617, or assistant coordinator, Art Mizer, at 740-393-3691.

         We of the Agriculture Museum Committee express our appreciation of the community’s continual support in making our museum a unique and superb addition to the fair and community. Over the years, generous donations of farm implements, household furnishings, historical items, and money from museum members and the community have allowed the museum to grow substantially in size and ability to preserve Knox County’s agricultural past.

         Especially notable have been the support of the Community Foundations of Mount Vernon and Knox County, the Knox County Board of Commissioners, and volunteer work by the students of the Knox County Career Center. Several local businesses have provided materials at cost and donated their services, and many individuals have given untold hours of their labor.

         Anyone interested in becoming an Agriculture Museum volunteer should contact Secretary Helen McKee at 740-485-1922 or see a volunteer during fair week, recognizable by their bright red caps. Anyone interested in donating unique agricultural items to the museum for education of future generations should contact any of the officers already listed.

         Some recent added attractions include a 4ft. x 8ft. aerial map of the entire county (shown side-by-side with the 1958 version), and three horse-drawn items: a large wagon, an elegant horse cart, and a beautiful sleigh. We host displays that change daily of arrowheads and other Native American artifacts, and a special feature down the center aisle showing how hay harvesting tools and machines have changed over 180 years.

         As the years have gone by, the main building has grown from a simple 40x100 single story structure to a length of 180ft., and added two 2-story extensions, each 56ft. wide, one 50ft. and the other 60ft. long. In July of 2016, we dedicated a seperate 7,200 sq ft storage building in the far corner of the fairgounds (not open to the public) to house extra items not yet on display.


Anyone interested in preserving the agricultural history of Knox County by becoming an Ag Museum volunteer should contact the Secretary of the Ag Museum Committee, David Greer, at 740-504-4497 (e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or see a red-capped volunteer during fair week.
Anyone interested in donating unique agricultural items to the Museum for education of future generations should contact Lester McKee at 740-668-5108.
The Ag Museum Committee wishes to express its appreciation for the community's continual support in making the Museum a great addition to the Fair and to the county.