Bus Rules & Regulations

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Figure 8 School Bus Race & Figure 8 Pickup Truck Races
Event Sponsor: Rick’s Sporting Goods
Thursday July 28, 2016 approximate start time 7:00pm
Contact information: 740-397-0484
Knox County Fair Rules
Note: Buses do not need to be purchased from fair board to race.
•    ALL participants will sign a notarized waiver to participate.
•    ALL participants shall be 18 years old with a valid Driver’s License.
•    ALL participants are subject to a breathalyzer test prior to the race.
•    Participants shall provide mandatory safety equipment including helmet/eye protection and chin strap, shoes, long pants and shirt.
•    Participants will wear seat or safety belts.  No riders.
•    Participants shall attend a mandatory driver’s meeting prior to the race.
•    No body parts may extend outside the vehicle at any time.
•    Participants shall not be pregnant.
•    Vehicles must remain street legal with the exception of additional radiator protection not extending beyond the front bumper.
•    Additional water tanks for cooling shall be securely fastened and a minimum of ten feet from the driver.  Glass must be removed with the exception of windshield.
•    Front bumpers must be cut to within 6 inches of the edge of the frame.
•    Fuel must be free of additives; NO NITROUS OXIDE.
•    Drivers will not back into another bus.  Buses must be moving forward unless they are trapped and will wait until it is clear to do so.  THIS IS A RACE NOT A DEMO DERBY!!  Violations will result in disqualifications.
•    All vehicles are subject to inspection by the committee. JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
•    ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND OF ENTRY FEES FOR RULE VIOLATIONS.                                  
•    Buses must be removed from the grounds by Friday July 29 2016 noon to receive payment.
•    Buses will be available on a first come first paid basis.
•    Must have 3 or more short buses to have a class.
•    All participants will be subject to the above rules and pay a $20.00 entry fee.
•    There is to be no alterations to the chassis length or the physical look of the bus.  Overall bus length of 30 feet or longer race in long bus class.  Under 29’11” race in short bus class. (Not cutting top of bus off!!).

1st - $300
2nd - $200
3rd - $100
4th - $100